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Seem to be on track again

I’m feeling more positive than ever. I listen to podcasts while I’m working and get energized. I weighed once to see where my beginning is and was down 6 lbs from my doc’s visit. The hypnosis cd is working better than before. I’ve actually, for the first time, made it through a setback or plateau or whatever this is.

I’m looking for a place where I can belong. It seems that bits of me feel welcome in several places. I may have to scatter myself about until I find a group who is enough like me to fit the whole.

Today I am grateful for the variety of produce on the market. Raspberries and apricots, imagine. Ripe apricots. How rare. I’ve taken blueberries and strawberries for granted. Last week I did a salad with 7 different vegies. Not long ago, I was too tired to even think of cutting up stuff.

For now, til later….

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Craving or hunger?

All through the show I imagined what I would eat for lunch. I thought I had hunger pangs, so it was ok wasn’t it? Then the show is over and I prepare to eat. Only one problem, I’m no longer sure that I’m hungry.

Then it occurs to me; emotional show, tearful, moving show. Emotions. Hunger. Food.

So I’m having a glass of ice water to see if I’m really hungry. If the pangs intensify, it’s hunger. Why is this so hard? The first six weeks were so easy. Then bam. Everything goes to heck. In the old days, I’d be done losing in six weeks, easily. But I have to be in this for the long haul now. I have to be able to have my emotions and still use the 4 Golden Rules.

The fact that I’m drinking water and not stuffing down food is encouraging.

To swears to Sorbitol confirmed cipla products prices when doesn’t this medium.

Again it seems that the mind programming is working. In unexpected ways. This could work. I hope it works.

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