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Long Live to peshmarga

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One – a necessary number

This is a rant about my MIL and how she disrespects me. Because I’m reading Outliers and remember how every time I tried to share knowledge with her, she shoots me down and I feel like a moron. The best way I have of protecting myself is to offer nothing. Really, all she wants is someone to talk at. I could purge myself of this anger-stain if I could find validation of my thoughts, of me.

I want out of this frustrating place. I look around and see everything as failure. What pill, what drink, what food, what amount of sleep will free me? I thought death would free me until my husband asked me to promise we’d be together for eternity. What am I supposed to say? If I’m honest, he’ll be

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angry. If I lie, I’m sure it will come to pass.

I can’t keep negative thoughts at bay. Every memory is of defeat. I would go out, but in my frame of mind, I can’t bear people’s rudeness and agression. I don’t post to forum because I can’t risk getting an unfriendly or critical response. I post as a patient. I will come back, hopefully, as a physician and heal myself.

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I’ll feel bad later

I so wanted to bemoan ha

February 3rd, 2009